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Rowan Tree Consulting

Clients and Projects

Yes, we know, this section needs information added to it - but we've been so busy with projects that we've not had time to do it. We've taken the old information off in the meantime, and we promise to sort it out soon!!! In the meantime, if you really can't wait, e-mail us and we'll send you details.

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[Archaeological surveying at Loch Croispol, Durness, for Durness Development Group Ltd]

[One of a set of interpretive panels commissioned by the Highland Council for the Castlehill Flagstone Trail, Caithness, and designed in conjunction with Artysans, Cawdor. (Photograph courtesy of the Highland Council's Planning and Development Service)]

[Highlands Loch Ness - More Than a Monster: Rowan Tree Consulting has co-ordinated this award-winning consortium of leading Highland tourism businesses Autumn 2000]