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About rowan trees

We chose "Rowan Tree" for the name and symbol of our business to reflect the significance of these trees in the landscape and culture of the Highlands.

Rowan trees or "mountain ashes" (sorbus aucuparia) have traditionally been associated in the Highlands with peace, sanctuary, privacy and beauty. They are a beautiful element of our native woodlands and, for centuries, have been planted at the doors of houses in the Highlands to give protection against evil. To this day, as you travel around, you will see rowan trees growing beside long-deserted crofts, and they are often the most visible sign that a family once lived there. Even today, many Highland homes have rowan trees planted in their gardens to ward off bad luck.

It is thought that Highland culture's long affinity with the rowan dates back to Celtic or druidic times - the old name for the tree is luis, "L" being the second letter of the druidical alphabet. The rowan also appears in the Celtic tree calendar in which each of the 13 lunar months was represented by a tree with magical properties.

In the past, women often wore necklaces of rowan berries threaded on red thread to protect themselves. Livestock were not forgotten either - rowan twigs were placed over the entrance to the byre (stable). The protection offered by the rowan is said to be due to its deep red berries as red is reputedly the best colour for protection against evil.

Rowan trees can be seen at their best - resplendent with clusters of deep red berries - in the Autumn. The berries can be made into delicious jellies which are particularly good with savoury dishes but equally delicious on scones and pancakes!

For us, the rowan tree is a very beautiful and special tree which not only represents the stunning scenery of the Highlands but also symbolises the countless generations who have contributed towards the rich heritage of this area. And if rowan trees help ward off bad luck, so much the better.


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